More about M.A.F.F.

The Mid-Atlantic Fireworks Festival is dedicated to providing its attendees the ability to pursue their passion for fireworks in a safe and legal manner, while at the same time providing a spectacular show for our spectators. Yes, spectators. While M.A.F.F. is put on by pyrotechnic enthusuiasts and not a display company it is open to the public.

Spectators will enjoy an evening filled with one or more of the following events: open shooting of consumer (1.4G) and display fireworks (1.3G); one-fuse or one-board displays; shows containing consumer and display fireworks or a combination of the two and hopefully a pyro-musical or two. Attendees, those putting on the show, are invited to join us afterwords at the Afterglow

M.A.F.F. provides a venue for enthusiasts to ply their trade under the supervision of licensed fireworks professionals while at the same time providing our spectators a show they are not likely to see anywhere else outside of a PGI convention or a club shoot.