Northern Lights Pyrotechnic Club

M.A.F.F. is held under the auspices of the NLPC. Simply put, without the NLPC, M.A.F.F. may never have become a reality.

The NLPC's mission is to promote their passion, the pyrotechnics arts, by supporting the safe and legal use of both consumer and display fireworks. Their members come from across New England and the Tri-State Area.

Envisioned in 2006 and formed during the summer of 2007, they are one of the youngest clubs on the block, but they’re catching up. From their humble beginnings as a group of strangers shooting fireworks on a beach, they have grown into a tight knit group of friends, bound together by a common love.

The NLPC's membership is made up of enthusiasts, amateur pyrotechnicians and professional display operators. With a wealth of information, knowledge and experience available to all club members, advancing our members skill level skill comes easy.

Please visit the NLPC's website.